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Memory Improvement

Everybody has a good memory. Even you!

It's a fact that under hypnosis you can recall everything you have ever heard, seen, or learned. Everything. Yet, too often you cripple your memory facilities by giving yourself negative suggestions such as "I can't remember."

If you want to change from "I can't remember" to "I am remembering," let us begin. You can improve your memory.

Use this Self Improvement tape program at your regular bedtime for the next thirty days. You will develop better memory, with special emphasis on remembering  names. Learn to access everything you have ever heard, seen, read or experienced.

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Hello, I want to thank you personally for your product.  11 years ago I joined the Air Force at the age of 18.  When I went to my technical training (9 month school) after boot camp, I was a nervous wreck.  My first couple months I struggled tremendously with my classes, then I ran across one of your audio tapes for memory improvement at the local mall book store.  I was skeptical at first, but decided to give it a try.  After trying it out, I noticed some improvements, and purchased another tape on concentration.  I went from barely getting by to 100% on every test for my remaining 6 months I was there. I wanted to let you know the difference it made for me. Thank you, Thomas, Phoenix, AZ

To whom it may concern: I use the following subliminal persuasion tapes in a weekly routine for almost 2 years. I've had very good results with Memory Improvement, can go all the way back to when I started walking, and now I'm 52! Last but not least, I haven't had a cold for over a year and a half. Money Prosperity * Memory Improvement * Goal Setting * Self Confidence * Be Positive * Relieve Stress & Anxiety * Creative Thinking  Allen J. B. College Point, NY

I have had outstanding results from your Memory tape. At present I am gaining momentum with your Weight Loss tape. Mr. HG Pitout

I have been using three of Barrie Konicov's tapes for over two years now and I find them most helpful when used properly. They are a very positive and motivational force, as well as relaxing, and an aid in stress removal. I feel they're like a key to help unlock the mind freeing it to aid and regain ones purpose as they help regain control of one's will power, determination, and dedication to whatever one's commitment to one's self and life might be. As a Psychology Major in a community college, I know the tapes help, when used as advised. The tapes I have purchased by Barrie Konicov up to this point are, Subliminal Memory Improvement, Concentration and Self Hypnosis. Julian E., KY

I recently purchased your Memory Improvement tape. I love it! Sincerely, Colleen S. Whitesboro, NY

About two months ago I received my first tape Memory Improvement from your company. I wanted to let you know I, and those who have heard it and since bought their own, feel it is superior to all self hypnotic tapes we've heard. I'm looking forward to more of your tapes, keep up the good work. Sincerely, Leon C. Vassar, MO

I thought I was developing premature Alzheimer's at age 50. My mother, father, 2 aunts and all 4 grandparents developed memory impairment diseases. However, their symptoms did not manifest until they were in their mid-70's. After using your memory tape for 2 weeks (self-hypnosis nightly at bedtime, once on the subliminal side on headphones at work) my memory has really improved. Thank you, Kathy S. San Jose, CA








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